Weight control and media exposure in young adolescent girls

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Hardy, Terri L.
Pellerin, Lisa A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Sociology
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This study investigates the relationship between media consumption and weight control, using data from a nationally representative study on adolescent health to examine differences between younger and older females (N=2,519). No relationship was found between television viewing and weight control for the sample as a whole; however, a negative association was noted for younger girls when the ages were split. There was no significant finding for the relationship between TV hours and negative body image for either age group. Positive relationships were noted for both groups in terms of negative body image and weight control. These results do not support the hypothesis that media use is predictive of weight control behaviors. Though a connection between negative body image and weight control was supported, no link was found between body image and media consumption. These results underscore the need for further research on weight control that can lead to eating disorders.