Frames of mind

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Nikas, Nicole
Sawrie, Mark D.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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The summation of my four years in the School of Art at Ball State amounted to my closing senior project in the spring of 2016. A photographic print series was created that expressed creative interpretations of a variety of emotions, personal and pertinent to experiences and myself. Each photo was rooted in a challenge I have had to face, a theme particular to myself, or some aspect learned introspectively over the past few years as I have matured into a young adult. I featured eight photographic prints, which were framed and hung on the Atrium gallery wall for the senior exhibition in May of 2016. My tendency to creatively work through the way I process things and respond to events in life led to the want to make this project. My mentality is what drives my creativity. But it can also pose itself as a burden at times. However, positive, negative, and equivocal states of mind were portrayed throughout the photo series. And these explored elements were photographed so that it was not overtly evident of the artist's stance on one topic or another, leaving a curious ambiguity upon which the viewer could ponder. An audience was able to not only search for the artist's intent but also find elements they could relate to themselves. I have always internalized the majority of my thoughts and emotions, creating a racing stream of consciousness in the landscape my mind. This stream of consciousness is only quelled by my expression through art. And looking back on the most recent few years of time, I have learned a great amount via collegiate studies and also through the superabundance of events in life. This project will show the integration of my learned skills by illustrating my experiences through photographic means.