An examination of the obstacles confronting the minority solo professional in starting a public relations consultancy

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Morris, Trina S.
Sharpe, Melvin L.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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The goals of this research paper are 1) to learn from the experiences of minority publicists-turned-entrepreneurs who have succeeded in creating and effectively maintaining their firm's operations, reputation and visibility, and 2) develop a solid list of best practices that directly relate to doing self applied public relations on a minority public relations firm.Research data includes extensive scholarly, corporate and entrepreneurial literature and internet resources available, as well as online survey results from targeted minority, female PR practitioners and/or firm CEOs. The comprehensive research data will determine the necessary methods to effectively publicize an established public relations firm, and provide recommendations on how to keep it all in perspective as a minority, female PR practitioner and/or firm CEO. Cos Mallozzi, CEO of Gibbs & Soell, once led an industry forum and stated, "Learning from those who have successfully dealt with (critical) issues provides us with seeds of solutions and ideas which can enhance our efficiency while promoting growth" (Cripps 2004, 1).