Decoding symbols

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Vora, Janhavi L.
Johnson, Sarojini J.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Art
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The primary objective of this creative project is to explore the meaning and complexity of simple forms, also referred to as symbols. The project examines symbols that interest me. These symbols may be found in various cultures and subcultures throughout the world. I also designed symbols to describe weather phenomena.I have provided a thematic interpretation of my work, focusing on the themes of identity and spirituality. When people view my work they may have multiple interpretations, but a thematic explanation of each piece also provides information for the viewer to ponder. The paper also includes a discussion of work by other artists and ideas that have informed and developed my prints. This body of work required traditional printmaking techniques such as: intaglio, deep etching, chine cone, color printing and photomechanical transfer using imagON photopolymer film.