Chasing losses : a book of poems

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Haeussler, Doyle L.
Koontz, Tom
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of English
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This work presents a collection of creative verse written in both classical forms, e.g., sonnet, pantoum, haiku, tanka, sestina, prose poem, and blank verse, as well as open form pieces. Examples of both narrative and lyrical verse are represented, with an emphasis on the narrative craft as well as an exploration of the lyrical forms in the context of contemporary and historical themes. While the theme of loss, in all its aspects, is present throughout, it is present as a geist rather than as a dictum. These poems have as their subject matter a wide range of experiences, both imaginative and commonplace, both familiar and magical. Mundane situations are elevated to the level of emotional consideration, and the overwhelming is reduced to familiar and intimate terms. These poems deal largely with the resilience of the human spirit and the buoyancy of hope despite the roiling seas of uncertainty and the unpredictable winds of change.