The poultry faunal pattern at the Lanier Site (12 Je 490) : an intra-site faunal analysis with a focus on avian remains

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Scott, Elizabeth M.
Wepler, William R.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Anthropology
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An intra-site faunal analysis utilizing archaeological, historical and documentary resources is conducted to identify, analyze and interpret the distribution of avian faunal remains to reveal patterns that reflect the production, use and disposal of bird species at the Lanier State Historic Site in Madison, Indiana. The materials are analyzed from a viable stratified sample from primary (i.e., poultry house, kitchen, yard areas) and secondary contexts for comparison. Analysis shows a correlation between primary contexts associated with areas of activities associated with the production, use and disposal of bird remains. Organizational behaviors relevant to small-scale poultry production, with a focus on chickens, are considered in order to explain connections between behaviors and the archaeologically recovered remains (material by-products of behavior).