Event planning on the Ball State University campus : a beginner's handbook

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Short, Meghan
Avgoustis, Sotiris H.
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Thesis (B.?)
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Ball State University caters to special events ranging from academics and business to athletics and performance arts. With access to diverse facilities, advanced technology, and comprehensive services, campus events can be implemented successfully for an enriched experience by students, faculty, and professionals alike. The purpose of this creative project is to identify and develop the necessary tools and resources needed to plan a campus event. The handbook will explain what services are available for an event and the process of planning from beginning to end. The handbook is intended to be available in the Office of Student Life on campus for student organizations, advisors, faculty, and other professionals to access as a resource for their planning needs. Having easily accessible information on hand in a single location will assist future planners with all their event needs, eliminating any confusion or lack of necessary documents.