The path of protection : improving self-defense training in the martial arts : an honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Fleming, Todd J.
Menning, Chadwick L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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This work encompasses both a written treatise and the Path of Protection technique compilation project. The project is an electronic, searchable database of self-defense techniques with pictures and descriptions. It has been designed to be easily used as part of the self-defense training of a student of the martial arts, law enforcement agents, security employees, or military personnel. It also contains supplementary material to aid in self-defense instruction and training. The treatise was written to detail proper methods of self-defense training and how the technique compilation should be used. The work discusses cutting edge research on self-defense training and its influences on the martial arts. It also identifies multiple problems in the typical methods of self-defense training and reasonable solutions for them.This work grew out of a Ball State Martial Arts Club project originally meant as a way of supplementing the class teachings. The idea was, and remains, that a student would peruse the pictures of techniques, identify those that would work best for him or her, choose two or three that he or she liked from those, and memorize the individual moves. Then, the student would bring the techniques to an advanced martial artist to learn the subtle intricacies and to use the technique effectively. With this help the student would begin practicing the technique over and over with partners in many ways under the supervision of an instructor. As will be discussed, this remains the most effective way of using the techniques organized here.With this project, beyond the points therein, I hope to convey that the martial arts are a subject worthy of academic consideration. In fact, it is one of the few subjects that combines such a multitude of sciences. Psychology, physiology, history, biology, kinesthetics and kinethesiology, parapsychology, educational theory, and philosophy are all part of the study of the martial arts. It is not, as some might believe, simply sport or exercise. It is not meant merely for warriors, but for warrior scholars. The academic study of the martial arts has been part of their practice throughout their history. It continues today in works like this one.Due to time constraints on the project, I will be unable to devote much attention to or collected techniques for all types of self-defense, such as defenses against weapons. However, it is my hope that the technique collection will continue to grow in the future.