"THEEND. has come--" : [an honors thesis (HONRS 499)]

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Krauskopf, Kyle A.
Gee, John P.
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Thesis (B.F.A.)
Honors College
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These are some drawings I made. I think they're pretty cool, I hope you enjoy them. My ambition behind this body of work was to present the idea of comic books in a way that would open them up to a broader audience; to show the soul of comic books through a fine art perspective. By the soul of a comic I mean elements of action, complex but also cheesy writing, idealized body forms and heroes, and the idea of a vigilante for a higher cause. All of these are apparent in my works which I have created through the use of many different kinds of drawing supplies including: colored pencil, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, spray paint and stencils, as well as others, and these are all done on differing sizes of matte board. These images stem from a character and story of my own creation who is known as the end. These are essentially a summary of the middle portion of our hero's story, showing his intentions and the targets of his frustrations and ambitions. I have followed a pattern of colors and symbols in this series .and repeated them with corresponding meanings in multiple pieces. For example, roses and the colors red and silver are representative of women. Wherever you see those aspects imagine how they may pertain to women. I'll leave the rest of the elements Up to your own interpretation. The idea of this hero was inspired by 20 years worth of comics, hero movies and cartoons. Artists I would direct you toward to draw inferences to my work include: Frank Miller, Alex Ross, Franz Kline, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol. While these artists are people I admire, they did not directly influence my work but there are obvious parallels as a result of an attempt to make images that I enjoy.