Network model of a concentrator solar cell

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Brooks, Clarence A.
Cosby, Ronald M.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Solar concentrating systems are often used to decrease the cost of solar energy by redirecting the incident sunlight from a relatively large area onto a photovoltaic cell of smaller area. In addition to the convergence characteristics of the concentrator, indices of refraction and reflectivities which are functions of wavelength can result in an illumination which varies both spatially and spectrally on the solar cell. Nonuniformity can also be induced by concentrator tracking error. The effects of such nonuniform illumination on solar cell performance are of interest.In this investigation, a model of a concentrator solar cell consisting of a network of preexisting one-dimensional models has been developed. This model is analyzed for three sample grid configurations for both spot-focusing and line-focusing concentrator applications.Ada computer programs have been created which, together with a few other pieces of readily available software, are capable of simulating the model. Sample simulations have been performed for line-focusing concentrator applications. These results are presented and discussed.