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Kormer, Peter H.
Doz, Daniel L.
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Thesis (M. Arch.)
Department of Architecture
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The basis of F.A.CE project.lon was the competition for an future Academy within the spirit of the former Bauhaus Dessau. The competition provided the opportunity to introduce my thoughts for an educational establishment in art, architecture and design. The Essence of F.A.CE project.Ion was to extend the myth of the former Bauhaus utopians. Several artists were active either together or in succession and made valueable contributions to the Bauhaus through their own work. Their names and faces are form together the multifaced image that refers silently as a memory to a former Bauhaus idea. The Identity of the Bauhaus seemed to live as much in the hidden cracks on the facades of a celebrated architecture as in the portraits of the former Bauhaus faces. Through juxtaposing the faces with the Bauhaus Idea I created an dialogue that moved toward a 'corporate identity - Mies v. d. Rohe' and found its ownF.A.CE - F.uture A.rts CE.ntre .Finally, F.A.CE project.Ion led toward a specific spirit ofplastic elements embodying facial aswell as spatial forces with an important contribution to a visual re-education.