Student responsibilities--adult fitness/cardiac rehabilitation

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Caulkins, Amy L.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The growth of the Adult Fitness Program in recent years has necessitated increased student involvement in the conduct of the program. What was once a small exercise program with limited testing has now blossomed into one concerned with cardiac rehabilitation and chemical dependency patients as we II as increased numbers of Adult Fitness Participants. Presently, approximately 20+ students work extensively in various roles each year thus emphasizing the need for clearly defined descriptions of the duties associated with these roles.The purpose of this project is to present in an organized and detailed manner the specific duties and job descriptions related to the efficient operation of all phases of the Adult Fitness, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Chemical Dependency programs. The resultant manual is divided into three general topics: 1) Adult Fitness: 2) Cardiac Rehabilitation, and 3) Chemical Dependency. each of these primary topics is further divided into a number of Subgroups to more specifically define the duties associated with each particular program. The responsibilities for each job included in the subgroups are then described in a detailed, step-by-step manner. This attention to detail has hopefully resulted in a clear, concise manual of student responsibilities.