The limited end-use potential of sanitary landfills : the problem of developing end-use plans subsequent to the siting process

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Bidwell, Mark A.
Otawa, Toru
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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This project examines a sanitary landfill's potential for end-use development. The main purpose is to demonstrate that landfills that have been sited and operated without the development of an end-use plan will have much less end-use potential than those landfills that were sited with an end-use as a major objective.The project consists of three basic stages, introduction, background, and case study. The introduction outlines the project, stating the purpose, the limitations and assumptions, and goals and methods. The background section presents basic information pertaining to solid wastes management and planning, landfill siting and design, and end-use considerations. The case study presents an analysis of the Madison County Landfill in an attempt to demonstrate the end-use potential, or lack of potential, as a recreation facility. In addition to these three sections, there is also an evaluation of the project and a summary and conclusions.