Interfaith magazine : exploring pluralistic religious issues : an honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Grismer, Melinda A.
Mills, Patricia A.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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This discussion of the evolution of Interfaith Magazine is a supporting text to the actual Honors 499 Creative Project in which I launched the concept, developed the editorial and design, and then published this magazine at Ball State University. Interfaith Magazine originated in order to fill a "niche," or need, for the discussion of religious diversity on this campus. Even with more than forty religious organizations and the coordinating facility, Religious Programs, on campus, little educational, religious discussion was taking place. Thus, Interfaith Magazine is the response to the need for a public forum specifically geared to religious issues. In the following pages, I have detailed the account of Interfaith Magazine's conception, evolution, and its current progress as a well recognized, quality publication in its second year of service to the students, faculty and administration of Ball State University.