Details, baby, details : a feminist criticism of The crying game

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Henderson, Susan E.
Messner, Beth A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Speech Communication
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This study examined gender portrayals in the film, The Crvinq Game. The societal labels for gender, "masculine" and "feminine," are not negative in and of themselves. However, when they are coupled with stereotypes, their power to direct behavior and perception formation can rob people of their freedom to be simply "human." This study primarily focused upon the costs of maintaining, challenging, and abandoning gender role stereotypes as illustrated in The Crvinq Game. Sonja Foss's four-step approach to feminist criticism was used as a tool for examination of this film.By examining the appearances, attitudes, and behaviors of the four central characters in the film, two messages emerged. First, in all four cases, being of a feminine nature was less desirable than being of a masculine nature. Second, Neil Jordan, the film's director, prescribes that all people should transcend the boundaries of gender, and simply allow themselves and others to be human.Jordan's humanistic message also provides insight into expansion of rhetorical methods and theories. Feminist criticism and Queer theory could attempt to transcend the boundaries of gender, and work toward the inclusion of all non-traditional sex roles.