An exploration in ambisonic audio

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Boyd-Ryan, Emma
Thompson, Christoph
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Thesis (B.?)
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Ambisonic audio is an immersive audio format that can be used to enhance the audience’s perception of sound/user experience. In an ambisonic recording the sound sphere (or area recorded accurately) includes the full 360 degrees around the microphone, which means that it may provide more advanced localization than a traditional recording. A traditional recording would typically place localization on a line where the audio would be placed anywhere from left to right but would not include any height information. This difference in where the height/localization information comes from is what makes an ambisonic recording different from a traditional recording. Additionally, although ambisonic audio is an older format (started in the 1970s) it has become popular recently with the use of Virtual Reality and 360 degree videos. This thesis focuses on the exploration of the ambisonic audio topic, the recording of ambisonic audio using primarily the NT-SF1 microphone, and how to encode/decode/use these ambisonic recordings in practice. It will also look at practical applications for using ambisonic audio.