Cultural borders: an exploration into Latine presence in East Central Indiana

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Chandler, Evan
Renze-Rhodes, Lisa
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Since the late 1800s, those of Latine/Hispanic origin have appeared on the U.S. Census within the state of Indiana. However, much of what is known regarding Latine/Hispanic immigration into the United States is hyper focused in two major areas: the East Coast and the West Coast. This project, a longform enterprise story on the presence of those of Latine/Hispanic descent within East Central Indiana, and more specifically Muncie, details the lives of various Latine/Hispanic people and families living within the area in various aspects of life, including faith, food, and community. Expert sources are also included to provide information on the history of Latine/Hispanic immigration into Indiana as a whole, as well as information on Muncie’s status as a refugee resettlement city and how this differentiates from other forms of immigration. Much of this project was captured in the Spanish language, therefore both a Spanish and an English version were produced and included within the five-month process.