Creating an online environment: designing comprehensive systems for nonprofit organizations

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Johnson, Zachary J.
Powell, Jason A.
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Thesis (B.?)
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Creating online systems for an organization can be a daunting task that many nonprofit organizations forego until they can find a suitable systems administrator to take the lead and build these systems from the ground up. The systematic process outlined in this process analysis comes from the establishment of Beneficence Family Scholars, a nonprofit organization established in Muncie, Indiana in 2019 by a team of 16 students and 1 professor. The organization set up online systems in the early stages of development, including a self-hosted Wordpress website, a learning management system, as well as G Suite services. This process can be broken down into five stages: system setup, content curation, maintenance, accessibility, and transferability. System setup provides the base of what will serve as an array of online platforms for a nonprofit organization. Establishing online platforms like those of Beneficence Family Scholars can mainly be achieved by asking the question, “how can technology help us further our mission?” This question will serve as the guiding force when establishing an organization’s online systems to best help them serve their audience in the most productive way possible. This analysis covers ways to implement online systems for nonprofit organizations, as well as ways to improve upon the systems already in place at Beneficence Family Scholars. The external Beneficence Family Scholars website is viewable at