The chultuns of Caracol, Belize

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Hunter, Clarissa C.
Hicks, Ronald (Ronald E.)
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Anthropology
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Chultuns have served as a source of curious debate for most Maya archaeological projects. Although there is great speculation about the function(s) served by the chultuns, few theories are concrete. This study attempted to determine the specific use of chultuns as relevant to this particular site. During the 1989 field season at Caracol excavations were carried out in six chultuns. A team composed of one student and several workman were assigned to investigate each group. At least one test pit was placed within each group to search for other diagnostic material to compare with the artifacts recovered from the chultun. The data collected indicates that the chultuns of Caracol were primarily related to a burial function. However, the possibility cannot be ruled out that a different function was intended for these features and that they were only used as burial chambers when they were about to be abandoned.