The love below: a jukebox musical

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Patterson, Kenneth
Blackmer, Jennifer
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Perhaps one of the most interesting blends of modern culture is that of popular music and stage performance which can be seen in jukebox musicals. Jukebox musicals are stage productions where a majority of the performed songs are previously released, popular songs. Some examples include Mamma Mia! (1999), Rock of Ages (2005), and American Idiot (2009). For my thesis, I have taken the popular R&B album The Love Below (2003) by Atlanta hip-hop duo OutKast and adapted it into a full-length stage production. The musical follows our young male protagonist, Ice Cold, through his emotional escapades and attempts to secure his own idea of love throughout the year. Ice Cold begins his journey dismissive of love and any interpersonal moments that might lead to a feeling of love. As time progresses, he begins to accept his inevitable fate and settles down with one woman. However, her attempts at marriage only scare him away and he breaks things off with her. Ice Cold’s fear of commitment and love causes his own lonely, bittersweet ending which occurs at the emotional and physical climax of the story.