A pupillometric study of deception

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Ertas, Metin, 1946-
Clark, William R.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The sensitivity of pupillary responses (PR) to emotional states brought on by psychological state of deception was explored. Utilizing a combination of guilty person and guilty knowledge techniques, 16 male and 14 female Ss were presented with neutral and relevant names, with relevant names involving deception. Half of the Ss were presented with one relevant name and the other half were presented with two. The lists of five names were presented on three trials during which PR and GSR were monitored. Pupiliary responses and GSRs to relevant names were significantly different than PRs and GSRs to neutral names. There were no significant effects with respect to the number of relevant names and trials. In terms of detection rates, GSR yielded higher rates than PR. The correlational tests indicated no significant relationship between PR and GSR under the experimental conditions employed.