Developing a young adult fictional dystopian society

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Knox, Jessica
Turnbull, Merrielle
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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This creative writing project was done to examine why dystopian novels find success with young adults. Currently, many best sellers fit into this category. They are turning into blockbuster movies. Consumers spend their entertainment dollars on these stories. This creative project looks at several stories finding this type of success and then puts its own spin on the story. The five series included in this study were The Selection (Cass), The Testing (Charbonneau), The Hunger Games (Collins), Matched (Condie), and Divergent (Roth). These series were read to find common themes and evaluate them. While each series had their own unique plots, there were four common themes; future version of North America, love triangle, hidden history, and three-part story telling style. These themes were each used in the creative project in which the female protagonist lived in a society becoming a dystopian instead of one who changes it.