The Triple A project (alternative attendance application)

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Neumann, Joshua
Ergin, Huseyin
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When it comes to technology, the primary purpose is to ease the troubles of mankind by making every tasks easier for those to complete. Every day, new technology is being introduced to mankind to see its affect and how well it would be received. With many issues in the world, technology is flexible to enough to at least attempt on what issues it can potentially address. In this case, I took a more simplified approach and wanted to create an application that could benefit the Ball State community. After weighing my options the issues present at Ball State, I ultimately decided to create an attendance taking application that can help streamline the process of keeping track of students who attend classes with the primary method of standing it out from other applications is by using GPS to verify students locations and attendance as well as allowing professors to organize and print out record data in any manner that they wish The following thesis will detail, the research, the development process, and the results centered around the application and how to project ultimately reflects what I’ve learned at my time here at Ball State.