Understanding the effort of successful radio : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Adler, Adam J.
Culbertson, Jim
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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This creative project combines several key elements that current successful radio stations and shows undergo to maximize their profits, increase listeners, and build a strong fan base: on-air work, promotions, sales, and web design. Major radio stations have many employees who diverge their effort into running each specific department. Station disc jockeys focus on the on-air responsibilities; marketing or promotional directors manage all promotional events and branding opportunities; account executives and managers are responsible for all advertising avenues; and webmasters are given the job of keeping an up-to-date and exciting website. Having had background in all four areas through work and school at Ball State, I decided to expand my current radio show duties on college radio WCRD 91.3 FM to include more on-air preparation, undergo a promotional campaign on the Ball State campus, sell show and segment sponsorship, and design and maintain a professional show website. The following portfolio is a collection of my work in each area. The on-air portion includes program schedules, audio segments, and show highlights. The promotional part features all of the flyers that were used in the campaign, pictures of Adam Adler Show t-shirts, and static stickers. Sales includes the sales materials used in my presentations and signed contracts from my three sponsors. The web area has several pages from the website and emails and guest book signings from show listeners. This creative project has taught me about the effort of successful radio stations and gave me invaluable real world experience.