High-ability : improving education for gifted and talented students in the inclusive classroom

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Kellett, Lyndsey L.
Allred, Stacey L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Current education legislation is demanding higher accountability for student achievement. The measures effected to help achieve this goal have created a school climate, which is focused on the lowest achieving third of students. As teachers and schools concentrate their energy on raising the achievement level of these students, gifted and talented students are receiving less academic support and are underachieving in relation to their academic potential. Because these students are the future world leaders in a variety of fields, fully developing their talent is a necessity for the future prosperity of humanity. High-Ability: Improving education for gifted and talented students in the inclusive classroom is a professional development curriculum designed to raise awareness for the needs of high ability students and to equip in-service teachers with research based practice for high ability students. The curriculum includes an anticipation guide, a PowerPoint presentation, and a presenter's script. Throughout the professional development program teachers will consider insight from researchers and high ability students themselves, collaborate with other teachers in applying the content to their classrooms, and explore the big picture for why this problem exists and how to combat it.