Indy-Hum-Sol-Flex-Com-One : Indianapolis human engineered solar powered flexible community number one

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Zimmerman, David R.
Wyman, John E.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Indianapolis Human Engineered Solar Powered Flexible Community Number One is the result of twenty-eight weeks of design. It is a new type of living environment in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana. Those who chose to live in this apartment project should be pleasantly surprised. The human engineering and flexible aspect of the project refer the apartments being able to adapt to those living in them as opposed to them having to adapt to the apartments. The solar powered aspect refers to the use of solar energy to provide hot water and. space heating. The community aspect refers to the project being a total living environment, not only providing basic shelter but recreational and commercial facilities as well. The whole project is designed for the future and the changing needs of man.