Paying for infrastructure : an evaluation of alternative sewer finance methods for Indiana communities

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Roach, James C.
Hill, William W.
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Thesis (M.U.R.P.)
Department of Urban Planning
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This project explains the differences in available financing techniques for wastewater treatment plants and sewers and describes the experiences of Indiana communities that have used the various techniques. The results of the study are presented in a form that other communities can use to make informed fiscal and administrative decisions. While both the traditional and new financing techniques can be used to pay for the needed wastewater improvements of a community, they are not interchangeable. These techniques differ along legal, political, administrative and fiscal lines. Not all techniques are legally available to Indiana communities. Those that are available differ in the ways that they are established, work and provide funds. Individual communities also vary in their experiences with these techniques. Indiana communities need to understand these different financing techniques if they are going to address the problems of wastewater financing.This project examines the new financing methods and loan and grant programs that are now available for communities to finance needed infrastructure improvements. Not all of these methods are available to or appropriate for every community.Communities need to understand how these programs differ and the issues involved with each one. While this thesis can not be a substitute for the advice of an attorney, grant writer, accountant or engineer, it can provide valuable information to local officials. By understanding how these methods work and knowing about the experiences of communities that have used them, other communities can make informed decisions.