Transnational learners : structuration and the decision making process of international students

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Berger, Robert L.
Airriess, Christopher A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Geography
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In today's world education and the resulting production of knowledge is highly valued as it can open the door to socioeconomic status and mobility. As a result, many students choose cultural and educational exchanges in a foreign country. The goal of this thesis is to better understand the decision making process international students experience prior to their study at an American university. Anchored in structuration theory, a two-step methodology was applied. First, a brief questionnaire survey was administered as a pilot study to gather preliminary data and initiate contact with participants. Second, interviews were conducted with foreign students to obtain background information and their reasoning for studying abroad. While most international students share common experiences in the decision making process, the temporal progression of "action steps" varies considerably among students.