Risk management guide for advisors of student organizations

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James, Carly
Bales, Vera K.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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The purpose of this project was to design a risk management guide for advisors of student organizations. The intended goal was that the guide be available in the Office of Student Life on Ball State University’s campus for advisors of student organizations to have as a resource on risk management. If proper risk management is not followed it can result in a minor problem, such as destruction of university property or a major problem, such as the death of the student. It is an advisors responsibility to support and guide the student organization. Having the proper documents and information available for advisors of student organizations can have a substantial impact on the organization. An extensive review of literature was completed and risk management resources from other universities were reviewed. The final product was a Risk Management Guide for Advisors of Student Organizations. It is a compilation of resources and forms that could be used to reduce risk in student organization activities and events.