A computer software application for time-point composition

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Planet, Kimberly A.
Scott, Cleve L.
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Thesis (M.M.)
School of Music
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This thesis implements Milton Babbitt's time-point system for music composition via the creation of a computer software application for the Macintosh computer. This system asks the composer to enter musical information, which is used to calculate pitch, duration, articulation, texture, octave, and silence, for the time-point composition. The application generates a file of musical information that is compatible with a performance application; the performance application will execute the composition communicating with MIDI-compatible musical instruments.The purpose of this project was to create a compositional tool that would implement the time-point system by reducing hours of hand calculation and tedium, and would provide an accessible and efficient approach to time-point composition. It is intended that this application be used to assist both the serious composer as well as the student of music composition.