Preoperative interviews and it's [sic] effect on operating room nurses' empathy

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Alverson, Elise
Houghton, Florence M.
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Thesis (M.S.)--Ball State University, 1984.
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This study was devised to test the hypothesis, "Does a preoperative interview between the operating room nurse and the surgical patient effect the nurses' level of empathy toward the patient?" The theoretical and conceptual foundation was based on Carl Rogers' theory that a high level of empathy has a positive effect on therapy outcomes. Nursing research has also demonstrated the importance of empathetic understanding in order to equip the nurse to meet the patient's needs.Two hospitals which had not utilized preoperative interviews were selected, and nurses from one hospital participated in the experimental group which initiated preoperative visits while nurses from the other hospital participated in the control group which did not visit preoperatively. The changes in empathetic levels of the nurses were assessed using the Barrett-Lennard Relationship Helper Scale. Analysis of covariance was used to test the hypothesis which was accepted at .05 significance level.Ball State UniversityMuncie, IN 47306