Guided viewing : getting the most out of the electronic baby-sitter : an honors project (HONRS 499)

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Story, Michelle L.
Squier, Linda E.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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I wanted to create a guide for parents to use to get the most out of television viewing. I aimed my project at the working class parent because too many times, these parents use the television as an electronic baby-sitter. I wanted to make them aware that something meaningful can come out of their child's television viewing.I started with a literature review to see what had been done previously. I then compiled all that I had learned into a workable format for working class parents. Their children can learn while they build closer and stronger family relationships. I provided evidence of the need of parents to "censor" their child's viewing of television, and I provided a guide for them to use during guided viewing. I also presented them with criteria to use to select appropriate children's television programs and videotapes. My goal is to provide learning opportunities for children who would otherwise be passive observers of a world filled with adult issues, sounds, and scenes.