Five stories : a creative project

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Conner, Marilyn J.
Taylor, Harry H.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The five short stories which comprise this creative project are designed in exploration of the contemporary woman's state of mind. In accordance with this design, each of the stories is told. from the point of-view of the woman who is its main character. Though each of the five protagonists is of the Midwestern middle class, the women vary in the details of age, education, and, marital status as well as in the qualities of maturity, intelligence, and, self-awareness. Whether the woman is a flighty girl in her early twenties inanely trying to establish something worthwhile in herself, a middle-aged housewife attempting to deny the vapidity of her life, an aging widow seeking to recapture the contentment she found with her first husband, or a shrewd., elderly woman scheming to manipulate her fellow inmates in a sterile convalescent home, each one finds herself in conflict with the facts of the life she has created for herself. And because few such conflicts reach the best of all possible resolutions in life outside of fiction, the struggles of these women are not sophomorically resolved, but remain to them as sources of dissatisfaction, confusion, and alienation.