Planned unit redevelopment : University Village

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Boshell, Jessie Tyler
West, John H.
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Department of Urban Planning
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This creative project is being submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at Ball State University. The focus of this creative project is a proposal for a Planned Unit Redevelopment of the University Village. As an important fixture in the Ball State University and City of Muncie culture, this project aims to propose a rework of the current fabric of the Village to offer a more modernized and economically viable solution to the area. As a once thriving business district of the City of Muncie, this project examines the University Village at the present, and examines the external and internal factors that have caused the decline of the University Village area over the last thirty- years. As a result, this project proposes a conceptual site redevelopment of the University Village that employs the use of a Public-Private Partnership and a phased planned unit redevelopment. This project will offer a solution to the economic and cultural decline of the University Village by proposing a mixed-use planned unit redevelopment that would offer housing, retail space, a hotel, and office space with hopes of attracting more businesses, students, and locals to the area. The project will discuss in detail how the proposed plan can be completed. The hope is that this proposed project can serve as a catalyst for revitalization in the City of Muncie.