Dear diary : the relationship between media literacy and mentoring

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Martin, Samantha J.
Glowacki-Dudka, Michelle, 1971-
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
Department of Educational Studies
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The purpose of this study was to discover how adults navigate mass media in their information seeking and learn their current level of media literacy. I explored their perceptions of the relationship between media literacy and mentoring, as well as their attitudes toward mass media. Four key research questions framed the study. What are adult mentors’ attitudes towards mass media? What information seeking strategies do adults who mentor youth use? How do adults who mentor youth become educated on media literacy? And, how do adults who mentor youth perceive the relationship between media and mentoring? Using a case study with data collection of both media diaries and intensive interviews, central themes emerged providing insight into practical application for the case study organization in regard to the importance of media literacy in mentoring organizations and recommendations for creating effective media literacy training programs. A few key themes included: importance of time, information is accessed unintentionally in a routine way, information seeking is easy to do, media literacy is learned through trial and error, schooling, and just evolving, credibility factors in media literacy, and mentors perceive mass media as a communication tool and resource for supporting their mentees’ future.