Using children's literature to teach the writing process : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Cummings, Meghan J.
Bottomley, Diane M.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Timothy Rasinski and Nancy Padak state, "Children need teacher support to develop as writers" (p 199). 'Frank Smith 1(992) says that we learn to write by reading and learn to read by writing"(Rasinski and Padak, p 200). Reflecting on these two concepts, I wished to develop a way to use my writing as both a model for reading and writing for my students. First, I began by authoring and illustrating my own children's book. After completing the book, I wanted to use it to implement the writing process within my student teaching classroom. It was my wish, that through the modeling of my writing, I would both demonstrate the writing process and motivate my students to want to write. In my experience as a pre-service teacher, I have found that students often do not like to write. Rasinski and Padak's ideas coincide with my observations. They say, "Older children... my hesitate when invited to write. Previous experiences in school may have taught them that they cannot write, that they are not writers, that writing is difficult or boring, other negative lessons" (p 197). I wanted to encourage the children to create a book similar to the one that I shared with them simultaneously, as I modeled the entire writing process I went through during the authoring of my book.