The Ball State sessions : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Ross, Kevin J.
Sollars, Stanley H.
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Thesis (B.M.)
Honors College
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This thesis is the product of four months' work recording and producing five songs. Each song is self-written, and was chosen out of many others to be given a more professional sound. Each song was recorded onto multi-track audio tape, with drums, guitars, and keyboards layered over the basic vocal track. After the songs were recorded, the tracks were then mixed together until each track of the song was at its optimum strength throughout the song.The design of the album art was done to also present a more professional look. Photographs were taken in a studio and edited for their necessary purpose. Pictures were chosen for the cover and the inside of the liner notes. These were designed to give the album listener basic information about the recording, such as lyrics and instrumentation. A tray card was also designed for the compact disc case. This was designed with other professional discs in mind, giving song information and presenting a picture of the artist.