A measure of the perceptions of students in elementary teacher education expressed in responses to filmed elementary classroom episodes

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Kaplan, Henriette J. (Henriette Josephine Gordon), 1924-
Olson, Raymond A.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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The purpose of the study was to construct a test, referred to as the Teacher Perception Test, for determining the ability of students to observe with understanding in a classroom situation prior to student teaching. In developing the measurement device, three steps were included: (1) filming the scenes in the test and the design of the accompanying directions; (2) comparing the student teacher responses to the Teacher Perception Test with (a) overall grade point average, (b) previous experiences in teacher-learner activities, (c) a self-concept scale, (d) a classroom teacher's observation rating, and (e) final grades received at the completion of the teaching semester; and (3) comparing two different methods of scoring the students' responses to the Teacher Perception Test--the score of total number of items listed by students as perceived in the filmed scenes and a score derived from the' students' assignment of instructional purpose to each item listed.