Cella : a journal for creative storytelling through digital mediums

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Hartley-Smith, Rachel L.
Misiewicz, Joseph P.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Telecommunications
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To complete my final creative project in seeking a Master of Arts degree in Telecommunication: Digital Storytelling through Ball State University, I have created a "pilot" online journal in Macrojnedia Flash 8 for the display of various methods of creative storytelling through the digital medium (currently located at http://rlhartleysmi.iweb.bsu.edu/cella.swf). Here, 1 review the concepts employed as well as my intentions in creating such a journal. I detail the interior workings of the journal and the categories of digital work represented. I outline requirements for future submissions and financial needs for initial creations and upkeep should the journal develop into a public enterprise. In this overview, I explain the rationale in exploring the creative arts through digital mediums and the importance of such concepts as collaboration and visual aesthetics when communicating through digital mediums.In preparation of this project, I performed an intense study of similar online journals in existence, their designs and usability as well as their subject matter. I also made use of social networking sites through which I created groups for the purpose of gathering and sharing additional research in the realms of digital poetry and publishing creative writing online. Also, I read scholarly research regarding computers as creative outlets, online publishing, and the aspects of interactivity as it comes to exist within the creative story in digital mediums. Brief analyses of several articles regarding interactivity within the experience of the story and within education and culture have been included here. I have concluded that we have naturally moved towards using technology as an artistic medium. My direction and passions have also been reaffirmed in that, through my created digital journal CEIIA, I am assured that the digital medium is the ideal union for the artistic narrative, both literal and visual.