A virtual tour of Muncie, Indiana for prospective international students to Ball State University

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Pickens, Alicia M.
Wessel, Roger D.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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Many prospective international students do not have the opportunity to tour college campuses before they apply to and decide to attend a college or university. Yet, students can visit a college website and view a virtual tour of the campus, which may highlight academic buildings, historical spots on campus, dining facilities, and residence hall rooms. Without the opportunity to physically visit a campus, international students miss the opportunity of visiting the American community into which they will move upon entrance. The purpose of this project was to create a video tour of Muncie, Indiana that can be utilized by prospective international students who are unable to visit prior to applying to and attending Ball State University. Few college websites offer international students a virtual tour of the community. Without this, students enter a foreign city without knowledge of the resources available to them, what the general costs are in the city, and how to maneuver around the town. Creating a video where students can understand some of these basic parts of the community create reasonable expectations about their new community before moving into it.