Howdy Goudy : Frederic W. Goudy and the private press in the Midwest : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Duncan, Amy E.
Felsenstein, Frank
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Thesis (B.?.)
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The Private Press Movement sought to revitalize printing as an art form, focusing on typography, design, and print quality rather than profits. William Morris, who was inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, was the father of the movement in England. The beautiful works of his Kelmscott Press influenced those in the United States as well. Midwest-born printers and typographers Frederic Goudy, Bruce Rogers, Edwin Grabhorn, and Robert Grabhorn made the private press their life's work. They followed the lead of Morris to become four of the most influential figures in the Private Press Movement in the United States. Although all four moved out of the Midwest to pursue printing and typography, they learned a great deal of their skill in Illinois and Indiana, showing the value of the Midwest in the Private Press Movement.Using the Frederic W. Goudy Collection and other materials available in Archives and Special Collections at Bracken Library, I curated an exhibit of 41 items called "Howdy Goudy: Frederic W. Goudy and the Private Press in the Midwest." The exhibit is on display in two portions from April 15 to July 16, 2008. I also wrote an introduction and detailed catalog for the exhibit and created a Web site. The Web site can be viewed at It will soon be hosted on the Archives and Special Collections Web site. The introduction and catalog that I designed and had bound for the exhibit are printed on the following pages.The name of this exhibit comes from a lighthearted poem titled "A Howdy to Goudy," which was written by a friend in honor of Goudy's 80th birthday. This poem will be displayed during the second portion of this exhibit, June 2 to July 16.