Utilizing music to teach basic spatial concepts to preschool children : the impact on acquisition

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Nichols, Annemarie.
Fritz-Ocock, Amy J.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Speech Pathology & Audiology
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This study presents results describing the impact on acquisition of teaching basic spatial concepts through both music and play. Testing involved preschool aged children from a local Head Start facility and the speech-language clinic of a local university. The study followed a pre-/post-test design. Interventions occurred in two days over the span of one week. After the post-test, it was determined that there was no statistical significance differentiating learning between the two presentation modes. Concept pairs targeted through both contexts improved in almost the same ratio. It was discovered, however, that through only a short period of intervention (two sessions of 15 minutes each), almost all children developed statistically significant growth on concepts taught through both modes. The results indicate that in a short period of time gains can be made when a lesson focuses entirely on concept pairs using either music or play.