Reinforcing the ISTEP essential skills in the middle school choral music classroom

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Palmer, Marie A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
School of Music
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The purposes of this project were to: 1) review the extent research linking music study to academic achievement in other curricular areas, 2) provide a resource for music teachers who are unfamiliar with the definitions of the essential skills assessed through the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress (ISTEP), 3) provide examples of ways to reinforce the ISTEP essential skills in a choral music classroom, while simultaneously addressing that National Music Standards, and 4) discuss how "writing across the curriculum" can be implemented in music classes, with an emphasis on ISTEP language arts standards. As cognitive, affective, and psychomotor musical goals and objectives are being addressed, music educators can simultaneously reinforce other academic domains. Indiana music teachers need to understand the ISTEP essential skills, reinforcing them while at the same time accomplishing the outcomes of the music curriculum. The end result will be music programs that are an integral part of the larger school community, an improved status for music education as an essential part of school curricula, and most importantly students who are prepared to meet the challenges of life in the world today.