Multicultural music teaching in American public schools : a case study of an elementary general music teacher

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Wakaba, Philip N.
Scheib, John W.
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Thesis (M.M.)
School of Music
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This case study examined the practical application of multicultural music in an elementary general music class. The purpose of the study was to examine, based on one individual teacher's perspective: (a) the instructional strategies/ methods/techniques and approaches, (b) the breadth of contextualization of selected pieces during class time, (c) the teacher's fluency in language of selected songs, and (d) the sources, availability and use of instructional materials and musical instruments.Public schools in America are now incorporating musics from around the world in their school music curriculum. However, research has revealed that there is a fundamental gap between teacher competency and desirable goals of a world music curriculum. Results show that, although there has been some acceptance, lack of resources and incompetency among music educators is still a great concern. Other problems identified include inadequate training of preserves teachers, language inefficiency, and teacher attitude toward world musics.Conclusion from the study: 1) review of literature stressed the importance of contextualizing world musics — that world musics can best be comprehended in social and cultural context and as part of its culture, 2) the teacher's instructional strategies/methods and approaches were quite effective during class time, 3) the participant had adequate resources and made use of them to provide specific background information on selected pieces, 4) the participant was competent in many languages, 5) musical instruments from different cultures were available in class.