Witch king

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Berg, Jessica
Dalton, Elizabeth
Mix, Deborah M.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Witch King seeks to combine my undergraduate studies with my aspirations to become a novelist. The resulting creative project is comprised of the first seven chapters of the novel Witch King and a detailed author's statement, which both showcase the skills I developed in creative and critical writing and the knowledge I gained as a student of both literature and, briefly, anthropology.

The following is a brief summary of the novel: When Sydney Armistead, the discontented daughter of a prominent politician, finds an amulet in the river behind her home, she is transported to another realm, where she meets a runaway prince who refuses to tell her his name. With no choice but to follow him, she must learn to navigate the complicated social and political environment that keep the realm's two opposing kingdoms locked in an uneasy standstill. The more she learns, the more it becomes clear that her royal traveling companion threatens to disrupt the strained peace between the kingdoms. Swayed by her own resentment at the political forces controlling her life at home, she decides to help the prince escape his unfortunate fate, and they must figure out how to liberate him without destroying the social fabric that keeps the realm from dissolving into perpetual war.