Bacterial and chemical analysis of Cardinal Creek flowing through the Ball State University campus from May to December, 1972

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Paulin, Patricia A., 1949-
Hendrickson, Donald A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
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Detailed bacterial and chemical studies were conducted on Cardinal Creek, flowing through the Ball State University campus from May to December, 1972. Samples were collected from drain pipes flowing into the stream and also from the center of the stream between drain pipes.Results of the study show human waste materials are entering Cardinal Creek at the sampling site located behind the Ball State trailer courts. Forty-four percent of the time, ratios of fecal coliforms to fecal streptococci at this site were above 4.0 indicating human waste contamination.The presence of pathogens in the water is another clue to the quality of the surface water. Salmonella and Shigella are associated with gastro-intestinal diseases that may be spread by ingestion of water contaminated with these bacteria. Salmonella and Shigella were isolated on several occasions from the drain pipe behind the trailer courts. Salmonella paratyphi was found on the December 28 sampling date. It's presence in the creek shows human wastes are entering the stream.Chemical data, collected on December 28, indicate a heavy load of organic matter is entering Cardinal Creek at the Ball State trailer court drain pipe. Of all the sites sampled on this date, highest values for nitrogen and phosphorus and the lowest values for oxygen were found at the trailer court location.In conclusion, data collected in this study shows that water entering Cardinal Creek from the drain pipe located by the Ball State trailer courts, contains human fecal material. Measures should be taken to correct the situation.