Lessons in American culture for Spanish students preparing the entrance examination to the university

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Lopez-Balaguer, Tomas, 1945-
Ross, Janet, 1914-
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Thesis (M.A.)
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Following the assumption that the study of culture is as important as the study of the language in a linguistics program, the author has devised a course in American culture for Spanish high school graduates who are preparing their entrance examination to the University.This course in American culture consists of three units, each unit having two parts.In the first part the author presents a topic in American culture which can be used either as an outline for a teacher to give a lecture or as a reading assignment for the students.The three topics area"The Cities","The American Blacks" and "The Political System".These topics have been chosen because the situation in regard to all of them differs considerably in Spain; thus the study becomes relevant.The second part of these units consists ofa study word list,comprehension questions,a list of topics for discussion and a list of further read ins.