RISE : evaluation of principals in Indiana

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Andrews, Kelly Ann
Boyland, Lori G.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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Effective school principals are needed to lead efforts towards quality educational opportunities for all students. Evaluation practices that foster principal effectiveness are critically important in improving professional practices. In Indiana, approximately 80% of public school districts implemented an innovative state-developed principal evaluation model after legislation was passed mandating specific components including value-added measures. The purpose of this study is to investigate and compare the perspectives of superintendents and principals with regard to the RISE Principal Evaluation and Development System utilized to evaluate principals in Indiana. This study examined the RISE Principal Evaluation model in terms of practitioners’ views of effectiveness and implementation fidelity. Survey methodology was employed to gather feedback from evaluators (superintendents) and those being evaluated (principals). A total of 364 school leaders participated, representing a diverse sample from across the state. Mixed-methods analyses revealed areas of model utility, implementation challenges, and statistically significant differences between principals’ and superintendents’ perceptions of model efficacy. Implications for practice include recommendations to facilitate field-based support when implementing evaluative models.