Historic towns & communities of Marion County, Indiana

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Simmons, Nathaniel
Perera, Nihal
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Thesis (M.U.R.P.)
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This creative project, Historic Towns & Communities of Marion County, Indiana, consists of an exploration of various historic communities in Marion County. Many of these communities consist of areas that were once either independent towns or unincorporated areas that have since been annexed by the City of Indianapolis during its consolidation with Marion County under Unigov legislation in 1970. Other communities that will be studied through this project retain their own local governments and autonomy, having been exempted from the aforementioned merger. Both the annexed and un-annexed communities will be visited and documented through photographs and accompanying descriptions. The different ways in which these communities have been impacted by urban or suburban growth and development patterns will also be noted, with historical maps and descriptions helping to compare and contrast their respective histories with their present circumstances. The final product should consist of a sort of field guide to these types of communities within Marion County, including maps, written descriptions, and photographs with captions. The resulting document should be of interest to planners or any individual with an interest in the history of Indianapolis, as each case study of these communities tells a small story about development patterns, growth, and the built environment in Marion County.