Riverscapes I

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Cooley, Patrick M.
Spangler, Ronald L.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Riverscapes is a projected aimed at addressing the concerns of what the function of the White river is moving toward. Namely, public use and recreation. This has come about from the restoration of the river itself over the past twenty years. The purpose of this project is the exploration of various ways to safely exploit this community amenity. However, the primary goal is in developing a sense of unity and connection along the entire riverfront in Muncie, Indiana. After providing a solution toward this end this project will address various ways in which to successfully, experience the river in a variety of ways such as, experiencing the movement and water itself at river level to an experience looking down into the river and river channel. These experiences and sense of continuous movement along the river edge are intended to create a greater sense of awareness and appreciation for the history and presence of the White river in the Muncie community.